Final Uninstaller

More tags: final uninstaller, uninstall, uninstaller, uninstall tool, uninstall software, remove, add remove, remove programs, junk, files, clean junk file, clean, delete, delete junk files, remove junk file, junk files, registry cleaner, registry, clean registry, defragment disk,
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Final Uninstaller

Final Uninstaller
  Category : Utilities -  System Utilities
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  Platform : Win2000,  Win7 x32,  Win7 x64,  WinServer,  WinVista,  WinVista x64,  WinXP  
  Price : USD 27.95  
  Rating :  
  License : Shareware  
  Limitations: N/A  
  Date : 2010-06-04  
  Size : 4.09 MB  
Software Description:
Software In :
System Utilities
final uninstaller, uninstall, uninstaller, uninstall tool, uninstall software, remove, add remove, remove programs, junk, files, clean junk file, clean, delete, delete junk files, remove junk file, junk files, registry cleaner, registry, clean registry, defragment disk,
   Final Uninstaller provides an easy and comprehensive solution for uninstalling unwanted programs, whether they are installed ones running properly on your computer now or corrupted ones after failed uninstalls. Additionally, Final Uninstaller offers you Junk Files Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, Disk Defragmenter and other useful tools that can help you optimize your PC by removing junk files, cleaning the registry and defragmenting disks. Key Features: Identify all programs installed on your PC. Scan your computer for corrupted programs and remnants. Sort scan results by Install Date, Software Name, Publisher and Rank. Help to search for a specific program to uninstall it. Browse detailed information on the program before uninstalling it. Provide special uninstall in safe mode for stubborn programs. Recover inadvertently deleted programs to a previous state. Remove obsolete and invalid registry entries to avoid annoying error messages. Find and remove various types of junk files to free up valuable disk space. Delete temporary and unnecessary files in the background without disturbing normal Windows use. Defragment disks to reclaim the speed of your disks. Support HTTP proxy server to speed up access to our server when there is a slow connection. Generate scan report that records detailed information of installed programs and remnants of uninstalled programs. Update no less than 2 times a week to enjoy latest technology. Submit feature lets you submit programs to us if uninstall failed. Top quality among the similar products. Multi award winning software. Free and unlimited technical support. Easy to use. Even you know nothing about PC, you still can use it. Good value for money. Only $27.95 for up to 3 PCs 100% safety and satisfaction guaranteed!

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More tags: final uninstaller, uninstall, uninstaller, uninstall tool, uninstall software, remove, add remove, remove programs, junk, files, clean junk file, clean, delete, delete junk files, remove junk file, junk files, registry cleaner, registry, clean registry, defragment disk,
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