BrightCar Car Maintenance Software

More tags: car, vehicle, auto, maintenance, schedule, care, service, tracking, expense, automotive, automobile, car maintenance, car care, car maintenance schedule, vehicle maintenance schedule, fuel log, car expense tracking, vehicle maintenance, scheduled maintenance, pim,
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BrightCar Car Maintenance Software

BrightCar Car Maintenance Software
  Category : Home & Education -  Calendars
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  Platform : WinNT 4.x,  WinXP,  Windows2000  
  Price : USD 39.95  
  Rating :  
  License : Shareware  
  Limitations: 30 Days  
  Date : 2006-12-10  
  Size : 4.50 MB  
Software Description:
Software In :
Home & Education
car, vehicle, auto, maintenance, schedule, care, service, tracking, expense, automotive, automobile, car maintenance, car care, car maintenance schedule, vehicle maintenance schedule, fuel log, car expense tracking, vehicle maintenance, scheduled maintenance, pim,
   A car is one of the most expensive things many of us own. It makes sense to proactively manage our cars' care and maintenance to protect the large investments we've made in them. With BrightCar Software, drivers can do just that. BrightCar offers drivers an affordable, easy-to-use application to manage all aspects of car ownership (or leasing) from the convenience of their own computer. BrightCar empowers drivers as it manages an appropriate vehicle maintenance schedule, tracks expenses, and monitors fuel economy. Because BrightCar's Automatic Service Reminders inform drivers what needs to be done, and when, drivers never again need to worry about missing an important servicing for their cars. BrightCar users from around the world love BrightCar. Stella in Colorado claims that BrightCar's "nifty Fuel Efficiency graph" alerted her to her cars' preference for a particular station's gasoline, which she figures will save her about $500 a year in fuel costs. And Matt from the United Kingdom says, "I really like the idea of the software as I'm terrible at keeping track of this sort of thing. My last service was about 6000 miles overdue!" Most people can personalize BrightCar for their vehicles in just 5 minutes or less. BrightCar searches its proprietary database of 10,000+ vehicle-specific maintenance plans to find the one that's appropriate for each user's particular make, model, style, and year of car (or truck). BrightCar's maintenance plans are based on those recommended by the automobile manufacturers themselves, so using BrightCar is like having an electronic version of your car's Owners Manual right on your computer. About BrightCar BrightCar was founded in 2004 to make it easier for people to manage the maintenance and care required for their cars. BrightCar Software empowers drivers by letting them manage an appropriate maintenance schedule for their cars, track vehicle expenses, and monitor their cars' fuel economy.

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More tags: car, vehicle, auto, maintenance, schedule, care, service, tracking, expense, automotive, automobile, car maintenance, car care, car maintenance schedule, vehicle maintenance schedule, fuel log, car expense tracking, vehicle maintenance, scheduled maintenance, pim,
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