20 Best Time Calendar iOS Apps

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1) Calendar Time

Calendar Time time calendar
Now you can do calendar time with your preschooler to first grader with this app. Two levels allow for customization and unlimited student accounts at each level can be established. Modules can be removed or added to provide your student with exactly the right challenge.Students will practice naming the days of the week, finding patterns, charting weather graphs, determining temperature on a thermometer, making change for the number of days of calendar time, understanding place value, and telling time.Verbal instructions allow the child do go through calendar time independently, freeing the parent/teacher to work with another child if needed. ($2.99)By Interactive Labs via

2) HolidayCal - Holiday calendars subscription

HolidayCal - Holiday calendars subscription time calendar
See holidays with your appointments:This application subscribes (at no extra cost) to the selected holiday calendar provided by Apple (except for Chinese, Greek, Hong Kong, Jewish, Russian, Taiwanese and Thai calendars which are provided by Google).The holidays will be shown in your native IPhone calendar with your appointments.The application can subscribe to the following holiday calendars:Australian Holiday CalendarAustrian Holiday CalendarBrazilian Holiday CalendarCanadian Holiday CalendarChinese Holidays (via Google)Chinese Lunar (Simplified)Chinese Lunar (Traditional)Christian Holiday CalendarDanish Holiday CalendarDutch Holiday CalendarFinnish Holiday CalendarFrench Holiday CalendarGerman Holiday CalendarGreek Holiday CalendarHong Kong (C) Holiday CalendarHong Kong Holiday CalendarIndian Holiday CalendarIndonesian Holiday CalendarIrish Holiday CalendarIslamic Holiday CalendarItalian ... ($0.99)By SaltiApps via

3) Time Line Calendar

Time Line Calendar time calendar
Looking for a clear Calendar and Schedule display? Your search is over.TimeLine Calendar is the first Calendar that allows you to visually see and feel your time and events.TL Calendar has the first display that allows you to see and feel your free time.TL Calendar has a clear and easy to understand display for your Schedule and events.Simple and unique display is used to show your events on an easy to read month, week and day views.TimeLine Calendar is the only Calendar that shows events on time-axis in all views.Just a short look on a view and your schedule becomes ... (Free)By Nir Tsook via

4) Calendar And Time Converter

Calendar And Time Converter time calendar
Calendar And Time Converter is an easy app, that allows you to convert your date between two different calendars, and your time between two different time zones. This app consists of two parts:Date ConverterThis tab helps you to convert a date in one calendar system to another calendar. You can see the dates on the local or english language. For example you can see your birth date in other calendars and If you can not read the calendar language, you can see your birth date with english character.For example "1365 Farvardin 1" in persian calendar is equal to:"1986 March 21" ... (Free)By Radin via

5) TimeCal - Time Management, Calendar

TimeCal - Time Management, Calendar time calendar
Wondering where exactly did your time go?Or having a feeling that you didnt really do anything but time just flied by fast?Irritated by repeating the same steps every time when you are adding a new task for the calendar on your phone?If you are going through anything you just read, PLEASE try out this innovate app, Timecal.Intuiative operation design helping user trace back tasks that had happened and making your time management more efficient. Other than that, multiple options of work and life are offered, customized for user on different occassions at different time. (Free)By FieC via

6) See Time - Visual Calendar

See Time - Visual Calendar time calendar
See Time is a revolutionary calendar and event application specifically designed for those that have difficulty understanding time by digital or conventional clock methods. See Time utilizes the familiar iPhone calendar look and feel but adds visual enhancements that include pictures to represent events and progress bars to communicate how much time is left before an event starts and then how long until an event is finished.KEY FEATURESMultiple events can be added to each day, allowing you to see all events in chronological order and understand the passing of time using progress bars.A monthly view shows all days in a ... ($1.99)By BuckCode LLC via

7) Time Portfolio(Sync with Google Calendar™)

Time Portfolio(Sync with Google Calendar™) time calendar
Time Portfolio is a time logger that syncs with google calendar/iphone calendar.DescriptionTime is your most important yet scarce resource. Time Portfolio visualizes how you spend your time, and helps you manage your precious time.overview- stopwatch- calendar view with day/week/list overview.- pie chart- bar graph- read and write to google calendar- groups- goals(day/week)- export data as CSVDetailed Explanation- Stopwatch:(1)Tap a colored button to start logging.(2)Tap stop button to stop. If you tap a different colored button instead of stop button, it will stop logging as well as start a new log.By setting on the switch that says "start ... ($1.99)By Yohei via

8) Live Clock - Calendar and World time

Live Clock - Calendar and World time time calendar
Live Clock is one of the most beautiful analog clocks for your iOS device. Run it now Enjoy the nice view of the time with the beautiful design. MAIN FUNCTIONS:- Easily visible- A variety of themes- Daily Calendar (Free)By Yating Chen via

9) LogCalendar - Time Logger with Calendar

LogCalendar - Time Logger with Calendar time calendar
This app records the action time on the calendar.Very easy because only press the start and stop.The data is recorded in the standard calendar of iOS.- How to useRegister the button of the action you want to record.Press it at the time of the start and stop.You can change the layout as the button is pressed long.- iOS standard calendarThe recorded time can be confirmed by iOS standard calendar.You can create multiple calendars in different colors.The color of the record button will be displayed in the color of the calendar.- GraphIt can display a graph of the number of times ... ($0.99)By iLeaf via

10) Task Calendar - Done On Time

Task Calendar - Done On Time time calendar
Task Calendar - Done On Time allows you to create to-do list and plan your schedule. It`s a perfect solution for those who knows the value of time.- Set notifications- Group tasks by days- Apple Watch support (Free)By Everyday Tools, LLC via

11) Time 2Do - Calendar, Checklist, Timer...

Time 2Do - Calendar, Checklist, Timer... time calendar
This is for FREE from now For more elegance task and calendar organizer, you can use CalPhone/CalPad instead Are you looking for a best organizer for your tasks? Would you like to see your tasks and events in the same view? Or would you like to manage tasks along with checklist and progress for each of them? Time2Do is a right tool for you.With the purpose quick add as well as quick edit and friendly UI, it is an indispensable tool for organizing your dayWhat is top review saying Time 2Do?LOVE IT - by jbrumbeloe.This is my fav ... (Free)By Hoang Le via

12) Tempo - Time Tracking & Calendar Planning

Tempo - Time Tracking & Calendar Planning time calendar
Plan and track your time on the go with Tempo, a time tracking and reporting app that lets you plan and report time from wherever you are, whenever you want. Create cards and convert them into JIRA worklogsfrom JIRA issues, calendar events i.e. from Google calendar and Office 365 calendar, or a real-time tracker. Stay on track and get things done; never miss a beat. Calendar events can be imported to Tempo and converted into worklogs with JIRA issues.KEY FEATURES:- An intuitive interface lets you effortlessly plan and track your work - A real-time tracker helps you track your work ... (Free)By Tempo Software ehf. via

13) Task Calendar Pro - Done On Time

Task Calendar Pro - Done On Time time calendar
Task Calendar - Done On Time allows you to create to-do list and plan your schedule. It`s a perfect solution for those who knows the value of time.- Set notifications- Group tasks by days- Apple Watch support ($0.99)By Everyday Tools, LLC via

14) Calendar Planner — An App that Creates Time

Calendar Planner — An App that Creates Time time calendar
An App that Creates TimeHave Enough Time Today?Your To-Do List Completed?Time for Friends Today?Achieving Your Goals?Get Enough Sleep Today?Time for Yourself?Finally, Daily To-Do Lists Under ControlCalendar Planner Keeps track of your Time so you wont schedule more than you can doCalendar Planner Graphically displays how busy your areCalendar Planners Ergonomic design makes it easy to view & use your dataThe RESULTSComplete ALL your TasksAccomplish your Goals FASTERMORE Free Time for yourselfFEATURESPro GOAL Module [ inApp Purchase ]Create your Library of all GoalsDisplay each Goal and the Tasks to accomplish themManage your Time, Goals, Planning & To-Do ListsGoals Management Technology on ... ($0.99)By BogushTech, LLC via

15) Time Pro - Time Tracking, To-do lists & Calendar

Time Pro - Time Tracking, To-do lists & Calendar time calendar
From developers of Money and Money Pro apps (over 2.5 million downloads worldwide). Time Pro is about evaluating, planning and managing everyday life. Track time and stay focused on priorities. How it works Create a list of to-dos for today Track time for each planned activity as well as for the unplanned Analyze what you spent your time on and discover time wasters Identify priorities marking certain categories important, budget time for each Schedule main events and repetitive to-dos in the calendar Set goals and make lists of to-dos for eachEasy to use timer 3 modes: open duration, fixed duration, ... (Free)By iBear LLC via

16) Sugarland Calendar

Sugarland Calendar time calendar
The Sugarland Calendar is no ordinary calendar This exceptional creation will let you live in a world of marvels and spend time with your favorite characters. This means living a life of reality and fantasy at the same time The Sugarland Calendar will make every day a totally sweet experience, each with its own new color, design, and flavor. (Free)By Yara Elmjouie via

17) PremiumNatureCalendarHD

PremiumNatureCalendarHD time calendar
Premium Nature Calendar is designed to display the calendar which can be used for 100 Up Coming years. It is the dynamic calendar which works upon user choice. User have a choice to display the calendar for any month and the year till 2099. The Nature wallpaper is shown randomly for each day. However if user wants he/she can change it any time. The calendar works in slide view as well as normal view. Enjoy Most Beautiful Nature Calendar in HighDensityResolution. ($1.99)By Eroz Awari via

18) Time of The Faeries 2013 Calendar - On The Go ArtCal

Time of The Faeries 2013 Calendar - On The Go ArtCal time calendar
New version for 2013 featuring 12 all new works of artAuthentic Time of the Faeries Art Calendar AppThe Time of the Faeries On The Go ArtCal features 12 exquisite ultra-high resolution HD fantasy images within a fully featured calendar app. You can overlay the calendar in either a day, week or month view on top of Time of the Faeriess beautiful art work. The months feature different images, each of which can be scaled with zooming features and the ability to change the focal point orientation of the image. Syncs with built in iOS Calendar, iCal, iCloud, Google Calendar and ... ($1.99)By Just Another Sunset via

19) iXalendar

iXalendar time calendar
iXalendar is a simple calendar app for a lot of people who want to sync with the built in calendar and need more features that does not provided.Features- Support gestures (swipe, swipe with two fingers, tap, long tap)- Month, Agenda view- Birthday, Holiday calendar- Turn on/off calendar what you want to display- Time Zone- Lunar calendar- Quick add event (like google calendar) (Free)By xenon apps via

20) CalCopy

CalCopy time calendar
CalCopy let`s you replicate calendars with the push of a button.Select your source calendar, your target calendar, and specify a time span -- CalCopy will make sure the target calendar has exactly the same events in the specified time frame as the source calendar.For example, CalCopy comes in handy if you have access to your company`s business calendar from your (business) iPhone only and want to replicate it to another (private) calendar.If we may ask you a favor: in case you have questions or problems with CalCopy, please contact us first before leaving (possibly negative) feedback We will do our ... ($1.99)By Lothar Baum via




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