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AXIGEN Mail Server Office Discount          (in File)

 AXIGEN Mail Server Office Discount is an affordable, reliable and secure Linux and FreeBSD mail server intended for home users and small companies. AXIGEN Office Discount, offering integrated mail services and basic support, can successfully replace several open source applications and is available ...

AXIGEN Gateway Mail Server          (in E-Mail)

 AXIGEN Gateway is a secure mail relay server capable of integrating with most virus / anti-spam applications and using firewall-like connection rules. By separating security functions from real mail server usage, you improve both server effectiveness and communication security. Download the full-fea...

AXIGEN Mail Server Service Provider Edition          (in File)

 A carrier class messaging solution with outstanding technical support, AXIGEN Service Provider Edition provides speed,security and reliability. Its failsafe,intelligent storage system helps you avoid any interruption of service or loss of data. It offers smooth, automatic migration from any third pa...

AXIGEN Mail Server Business Edition          (in File)

 A complete messaging solution, AXIGEN Mail Server Business Edition provides an answer to all challenges of a dynamic business environment. Designed for Small and Medium Businesses, this edition makes administration and user access easier, offering full-scale security features. AXIGEN is available fo...

AXIGEN Mail Server          (in File)

 AXIGEN Mail Server is a collaborative messaging solution, with carrier-class performance and backed up by first rate tech support. AXIGEN is available for many Linux distributions, FreeBSD, BSD platforms, Solaris. Main AXIGEN services: -SMTP/ESMTP modules,powerful Mail Processing engine,script inter...

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