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HTMLowiec 5.0 by Piotr Szczepanik- Software Download

  HTML editor with additionall ..

KissHTML Editor

 Keep It Simple Software or (Keep it Simple Stupid) HTML editor uses the KISS model, KissHTML is an ideal editor for the beginner to the professional web designer. KissHTML was designed with a simple to use straight forward user interface ..

HTML Batch Editor

 HTML Batch Editor is a program, which enables batch processing of HTML, text or other files, including binary ones. Replacing paths references in the system files and application INI files you can use it to update them when you move an application to a different path. You can also simply convert any internet contents to your PDA device. With this program you can create your own "channel" from any internet page. It's easy now! HTML Batch Editor is above all useful for: Developers - for batch convert a source code. Webmasters - for create a simple pages from complicated ones (you can create e.g. channels for AvantGo!). Owners of PDA - for convert a downloaded complicated pages to simply ones. E-books - Mass HTML pages editing and their preparation for processing as e.g. HTML Help for Windows. Others e.g. - Removal of accent / diacritics in the case of foreign language text. .. and many many more ... ..


EasyByte RTF-2-HTML 2.0 by EasyByte Software Corporation Ltd- Software Download

  RTF-2-HTML v2 ActiveX control, the market leader in document conversion.Use RTF-2-HTML to convert Rich Text Format into HTML.RTF-2-HTML can be used in any ActiveX containerOnly 6 lines of code are needed to use RTF-2-HTMLPerfect for use in ASP pages or within ApplicationsSource Code is available for purchaseCan automatically detect and hyperlink all email addresses and URLs from the RTF.RTF-2-HTML offers near perfect conversion, and the conversion process can be extensively customized to suit your ..

HTML Baler 1.0Browsing Tools by CAD-KAS GbR - Software Free Download

  A tool to distribute Websites in compact form as a single EXE file. HTML Baller generate an independent executeable EXE file out of your HTML-pages remote on the hard disk. ..

HTMLHide 1.9 by BoscaSoft- Software Download

  HTMLHide will make HTML code of your site unreachable. There is no need in any browser extensions. The program has two opportunity of file conversion. 1.File is converted entirely. 2.File is converted partly. There is possibility of removing of converting HTML code in external javascri`pt file. There are three variants of work of the program. Process with a single file. 2.Process with a list of files. 3.Process with folders. Outgoing folder contains HTML files, other files and subfolders. It can be copy of site. In this variant of work converted HTML files will be placed to the destination folder. All other files will be copied. Subfolders will be worked up the same way. With one push of button you can work up your site entirely. ..

Dutch.s HTML Editor Professional v4.0 by Dutch s Software- Software Download

  Dutch.s HTML Editor Profesional v4.0 can easily be used by the inexperienced and veterans alike because it offers a tremendous amount of options, and its quality is first rate. This program lets you create sophisticated dynamic Web Pages, powered with Java and VB Script as easy as inserting these functions in your HTML document. Dutch.s is not your average pure source editor, because it comes with a lot more than that. It is filled with loads of gadgets that make creating sites a lot easier and all combined with the complete control over your source code. You get an text-based Editor with multicolor highlighting with support for HTML, CSS, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, complete WYSIWYG Editor, Image Mapper, CSS Editor, Thumbnails maker, WYSIWYG Frames, Tables, and Lists Editors, Script libraries for JavaScript, VB Script, and DHTML, an FTP manager, many different Wizards for Forms, Links, Images, and Fonts, template Wizards for creation of various types of Web pages: homepage, co! mpany page, online resume, and others, animation and sound Galleries, ActiveX support, Horizontal Rule, Marquee, enhanced Find and Replace in the files, build in ASCII chart, several ways to choose Web colors, Open from Web, and ..

AAA HTMLEncryptor

 AAA HTML Encryptor can encrypt html web pages and make them unreadable. As a result, the source code of the website was protected from being analysed by hackers or competitors. ..

Agile HTML Editor 1.30 by Agilic Corporation- Software Download

  Known as the "right-click editor" for its easy HTML tag configuration,Agile HTML Editor uses a different approach to most authoring packages.With in-depth understanding of nine different HTML variants, official HTMLreferences and a carefully crafted user interface, Agile HTML Editor makesit easy to create state-of-the art web sites, while keeping authors incomplete control of their HTML.Agile is a professional level web authoring package featuring HTML syntaxcolouring, unlimited file size, search and replace, multi-level undo/redoand so on. For Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 and 3.51.HTML support: HTML 4.0, HTML 3.2 & HTML 2.0. Netscape Navigator 4.0, 3.0 &2.0. Internet Explorer 4.0, 3.0 & 2.0Includes complete context help on HTML tags and attributes. ..

May 8 Print2DHTML 1.0.0 by May 8 Software, Inc.- Software Download

  May 8(r) Print2DHTML lets you convert Windows documents to dynamic HTML web pages by printing them from the programs where you created them. Web pages created eith this enhanced print driver retain considerable fidelity to the original formatting and layout of the original document while maintaining a high level of cross-browser compatibility. The dynamic HTML produced is a very basic, editable format that is efficient to download. May 8(r) Print2DHTML converts slide shows, spreadsheets, newsletters, magazines and word processing documents easily into web pages. It can handle very long documents and documents with complex tables. The driver comes with an editor that allows you to enhance the web versions of your documents with* auto-generated navigation bars* auto-generated indices of hypertext links into the document* zooming in IE4 and IE5 browsers* animation and marquees* auto-applied hypertext links* HTML forms* event-triggered code and animation* image and color backgrounds, keywords, descri`ptionsThe program includes a transfer capability for saving converted documents to your web ..

HandyHTML Editor

 HTML / CSS/ JS/ PHP/ ASP/ PERL / JAVA editor with syntax highlighting, splitscreen editing and other essential tools. Tag Explorer - an HTML and user resources storage. Ability to create and reuse code fragments. Built-in FTP client. Image Map wizard. Gradient Text wizard. Meta Tag wizard. HandyFile Find and Replace tool. Enhanced Color Picker Color Spy. GIF Color mapper. Source tooltips. Auto suggestion for tags, attributes and values! ..

ZZEE HTML File Listing 1.0bServer Tools by ZZEE TOOLS CORP - Software Free Download

  ZZEE HTML File Listing creates listing files in HTML format from either a directory or an archive file.Beginners will appreciate premade styles with preview images and aneasy-to-follow GUI interface. Web gurus, who can write HTML code by hand and understand basic XML, will get full freedom in changing or writing templates.- Output format is XHTML, which is supported by all modern browsers, such as MS Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, etc. You can adjust it to be HTML [4.0 or 3.2]. - You can specify file masks to include or exclude from listing, for example, "*.gif; *jp?g; *.png" to get just images. - Fully customizable HTML output via templates. - 7 predefined templates, including "text", "classic", "modern", "download", "tree", "expandable/collapsible tree" and "table of contents".- Archive files support (tar.gz and zip). - Media types, icon images and automatic download time support. - May output tree of all nested child directories and files. - Allows recursive and command string mode processing. Program is shareware, registration price is $29.95 . ..

HTML Protect 2.0 by KGY Soft, LTD.- Software Download


AceHTML 5 Pro 5.06.0 by Visicom Media inc.- Software Download

  AceHTML 5 Pro is now using the power of XHTML, the new HTML standard. With the Link Validator, you can detect broken links within your site and generate a diagnostic report. To maintain the quality of your Web site, AceHTML 5 Pro Syntax Checker helps you ensure that you write error-free Web pages. Code Completion provides a shortcut if you prefer to hand code your Web pages. When typing a drop down list box appears automatically displaying all the possible commands or attributes that can be used. AceHTML 5 Pro has a wide array of other powerful features including a CSS Editor, Code Optimizer, Code Inspector, 140 built-in JavaScript and many more. ..

HTML-View 1.68Browsing Tools by Anix Software - Software Free Download

  Easy to use viewer for WWW file formats (HTML, GIF, JPEG), text files (TXT) and ActiveX documents (DOC, XLS - requires installed MS Office.97 or later/MS Office Viewers). Features: convenient file browser; file operations: copy, move, rename, delete; quick file and folder bookmarks; .RunWith. menu for launch external programs; search in files and in current HTML documents; viewing all file formats that are supported by MS Internet Explorer; accepts file name as a command line parameter to run from your file manager; automatic registration on .html, .gif, .jpeg extensions; offline mode with IE 4 or later; multilanguage support; simple installation, no changes in your Windows registry, no additional files in your Windows folders; to uninstall program, just delete HTML-View ..

NavRoad HTML Viewer 5.00Browsing Tools by FAICO Information Solutions - Software Free Download

  Small, powerful off-line HTML Viewer that runs off a floppy and requires no winsock.dll. Lets users view HTML and web image files anytime, anywhere. Supports all HTML 2 tags, and most HTML 3 tags. Supports frames, image maps, tables, bookmarks and directory buttons. May exportHTML file as plain text (without tags). Customizable interface, Kiosk mode support. Fast and easy solution for offline browsing, and for HTML files ..

Search and Replace 98 3.12 by The Andromeda HTML Workshop- Software Download

  A very fast and simple application to search for and replace text in a single file, or an entire directory. Allows to save settings. Supports any size text file. Uninstallation through the Add/Remove applet. ..

HtmlSearch 3.0Miscellaneous by MandoSoft - Software Free Download

  Search any site on the Web, an intranet, your hard disk or your LAN without the helpof CGI scri`pts or any other server-side software.You point HtmlSearch to the starting file or URL, and it follows links to search through HTML pagesor any other files (ASCII or binary). You can search for words, phrases, or any combination, using BOOLEAN operators.The pages and files found can be displayed by simply clicking on one of the links found.You can refine filter or optimize searches, by directory names, file types, depth, META tag, etc... There is even an indexing function that allows you to index the site(s)searched and save the results as a text, CSV or HTML file.HtmlSearch can be used as a Java applet on your PC, or can easily be included in your site to allow users to search it.All the text and screens can be displayed in any language you wish. ..

Anisoft HTML Editor 1.0 by Anish Venkateswaran- Software Download

  Extremely easy to use. Wizards for making forms, simplepages and frames make complex pages easy to make. Thisprogram also allows you to modify the HTML coding atany point, and acts as a very good HTML Tutorial forbegginers and gives full flexibility to professionals. Other features include HTML preview WITHOUT ..

40tude HTML Editor 3.3 by MMSoftware- Software Download

  Professional, feature-rich HTML editor. Unique CodeQuick feature, integrated HTML viewer, image viewer and Javascri`pts, instant color coding even with large documents, publishing wizard, project management,template support, spelling checker and much more. 40tude HTML runs in english or german ..