1st Mac Mailer version 4.16

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1st Mac Mailer

License / Price:
Shareware / 97 $
Category :
Internet / E-Mail
Requirements :
Publisher / Limitations:
Ixis Ltd / 30 Days
Size / Last Updated:
18.37 / 2011-12-03
TAG: mailer, message, import, program, messages, software, email, ,
mac mailer, st mac, personalized email messages,
Operating System:
Mac OS X,  Mac OS X 10.3,  Mac OS X 10.4,  Mac OS X 10.5,  Mac OS X 10.6
Publisher's description - 1st Mac Mailer 4.16
12 Ratings  
  1st Mac Mailer is mass-mailing software used by various e-commerce providers to deliver personalized email messages to their customers when they are needed to be notified about different events. These e-notifications vary from simple email notifications about product updates or new product releases to more complex newsletters and invoices. If you run a book store or a video rental, or if you are a self-employed individual who deals with lots of customers over the Internet, you will really appreciate this simple but yet powerful program. It is capable to deliver tens of thousands of personalized email messages per hour and gives you very flexible abilities to manage your mailing lists. The database of the program may contain an unlimited number of customer data fields and can handle millions of recipients with no sweat. It supports plain-text, rich text and HTML message formats and provides you with a powerful message editor that lets you not only create and edit your messages in a very efficient manner but also insert and manage macro definitions used for message personalization. 1st Mac Mailer is specially designed and optimized to work with Apple Macintosh computers, and has a neat well-organized user interface designed strictly according to Apple guidelines. The Import feature will allow you to import your customer data from virtually anywhere: no matter what type of software or file you import from. The Export feature generates a coma-separated CSV file with a complete set of recipient data supported by 99.9% of other software products. This brings you to a whole new level of data exchange. For instance, you can prepare your data in any database management system or spreadsheet processor and pump it into 1st Mac Mailer. Then, once you finish your e-campaign, you can move your data to a third program for further processing and finally return it back to 1st Mac Mailer in a different form. Sounds cool? This is what 1st Mac Mailer about.
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Previous Versions
1st Mac Mailer 4.16
1st Mac Mailer 3.154
1st Mac Mailer 3.152
1st Mac Mailer 3.141
1st Mac Mailer 3.9
1st Mac Mailer 3.6
1st Mac Mailer

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